Document invoice processing procedures for consistent results

A simple, yet important part of any good TEM project, is to maintain detailed instructions and documentation to go with your telecom invoice processing efforts.  Some invoices are more complex than others, and will require significant documentation, while some or so simple that they won’t require any documentation at all.

At the foundation of telecommunications expense management lies consistent and accurate processing of invoices.  And as different people come and go from an organization, maintaining this approach is only possible with good documentation.

Ideally, the information necessary for a person to understand exactly how to process a particular invoice should be easily accessible, and linked in some way to the invoice in question.  Having a dedicated TEM system with a supporting database can make this much easier.

At Valicom, we use Clearview, a proprietary TEM software that provides the full gamut of functionality for a TEM project.  Clearview can be used by your too.  Valicom provides a web-based SaaS version of Clearview that can be subscribed to on a monthly basis.

Adding Clearview to your existing TEM tools, will instantly give you a centralized storage location for invoice processing instructions and documentation, putting you in a great position for maintaining consistent and accurate invoice processing going forward.