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What types of Service Level Agreements do you offer?

Valicom guarantees that invoices will be processed and loaded into the system within 24 business hours of their receipt in the mail or electronically. Client requested system enhancements are typically handled within two weeks, free of charge. Custom reports are typically created within one week, free of charge.

Does Valicom offer a mobile procurement portal?

Yes. The mobile procurement portal is an add-on to our standard TEM software and can be offered with 24/7 help desk support and industry-leading response times.

Does Valicom offer business outside of the United States?

Yes. Valicom currently deploys solutions in Canada and the UK and is able to explore opportunities in other countries.

What services does Valicom provide?

Services include:

Asset Management, Benchmarking, Clearview Subscription, Contract Compliance, Contract Negotiations, Cost Allocation, Credit Recovery, CSR Analysis, Data Entry, Follow-up Audit, Inventory Creation, Invoice Audit, Invoice Payment, Invoice Processing, Network Optimization, Order Fulfillment, Request for Proposal Support, Test Calls, Wireless Optimization

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Application Access

What web browsers and versions does the Clearview application support?

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari

Does your TEM solution require the use of cookies?


What are the system requirements for the end user and administration desktop client?

We recommend operating systems Windows 7, 8.1, or 10. No specific hardware requirements.

What mobile functionality does the Clearview application support (i.e. mobile app, or responsive web design)?

Our web application hosted solution can be accessed by a variety of mobile devices, but we recommend a minimum 15-inch monitor for optimal user experience.


What documentation and training is provided for Clearview (e.g. end user, administration, development, integration, integration points)?

Clearview has a built-in help system that provides step-by-step instructions for the different functions and operations that the end-user can perform using the application, as well as a glossary of application terms and definitions. Additionally, the assigned project management team provides training on an as-needed basis, either in person or using a web conference, depending on what is appropriate.

How is the Clearview tested for volume and scalability?

Clearview is tested quarterly for a load of 250% more users than the normal business day. All testing, debugging, and troubleshooting is provided free of charge by our 100% in-house development team.

Has Valicom conducted a risk assessment and business impact analysis to determine critical components?


Can users submit bulk orders with minimum data entry?



What certifications does Clearview’s data center obtain?

Clearview is SSAE 16 Type II and SAS 70 Type II audited and PCI compliant to meet the most rigorous industry standards and regulations.

Do you have redundant data centers?

Yes. We maintain backup servers in two, geographically distinct data centers.

Does your Valicom maintain generator or uninterruptible power systems to prevent disruption of business operations?



What is Clearview’s processes and ability to provide tracking and maintain management of accurate wireless contracts and inventory?

Clearview’s MMS portal provides the same management ability for corporate-owned devices or individual-owned devices. As well, our help desk supports both corporate or individual devices through the troubleshooting process.

Are there linkages between requests, orders, inventory, dispute, and billing so that each inventory line item can be related back to an order and a request for service?

 Yes. Users can quickly cycle through the various linkages between these data points. Every inventory item is associated with a request, order, dispute/issue, invoice, contract, and/or user providing full visibility into the IT asset/service and ease of use when looking for associated data.

Does Clearview support Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for inventory and billing?

Yes. All circuit types can be supported as inventory in Clearview.

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