When Implementing Home Offices Don’t Forget About Upload Speed

In these modern days of telecommuting, employees are increasingly performing business tasks remotely from their homes.  Some of the activities can be significantly impeded by the lack of adequate upload speed.

In the telecommunications world, residential Internet service has traditionally offered faster and faster download speeds, while only slightly increasing the upload speeds.  Business-class Internet on the other hand, typically offers much more impressive upload speeds, at very similar prices.

A great example of the importance of upload speeds is hosting a webinar or web conference.  The experience of your participants can be very poor if you are attempting to broadcast your presentation or shared desktop over a residential Internet connection.

In the telecom expense management world, we often help clients determine how to best assess and implement the various telecommunications technologies, and more and more we are helping to outfit home offices.  While it can be tempting to allow an employee to simply use their existing residential Internet, it is also a risk.

You are better off making sure that the employee has a business class Internet connection that provides adequate download and upload speeds.  This will ensure that the employee is able to do their job effectively, and consistently.