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Valicom continues to pour decades of insight and experience into our cutting-edge telecom expense management software Clearview. Clearview is a web-based platform for managing voice, wireless and data environments.

Used by internal staff alone, or paired with professional services provided by our expert team, Clearview is a robust proactive tool that increases visibility, controls costs, and reduces risk.


Why Clearview?


Valicom’s Home-Grown TEM Platform

Valicom’s dedicated software developers built the Clearview TEM software from scratch and continuously releases enhancement tools based on external data and customer requests. Clearview is SOC I and II certified to meet your security needs.

  • Scalable: Multi-user, permission-based access for SMB to enterprise.

  • Integrated: Manage everything. Wireline. Mobile. Servers. Data. All in one place.

  • Web-Based: Reliable, secure, IT-free and easy to deploy.

  • Full Featured: Inventory management, invoice auditing, invoice payment, cost allocation, reporting and more.

  • Integrates with Accounts Payable: Get invoice data feeds directly to your AP system.

  • Multiple Delivery Options: Can use alone or paired with professional services.

*When choosing a TEM software, make sure they build the solution in-house so your vendor can troubleshoot and enhance features as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Clearview has received perfect reviews for Telecom Expense Management Software on Capterra. Check out what our clients are saying.



Telecom and Technology Expense Management Tools

Dashboard & Custom Reporting

Clearview telecom expense management software gives you the tools to manage all aspects of your telecom spend. Use the intuitive dashboard to see important information at a glance, and the over 60 stock reports to gain a deeper understanding of where your budget is being spent.  




Intuitive Invoice Engine

Valicom offers a fine-tuned telecom invoice processing system. This system enables us to efficiently and accurately transfer more data from telecom invoices, whether paper or electronic, into the software for review and archiving.

Telecom data goes in.

Better business decisions and savings come out.

TEM Software for IT and Telecom Inventory


Features and Deployment Options

a solution to meet your needs

Clearview can be used standalone, or as part of a custom package with selected Professional Services. But whether you choose to tap into back office resources or not, Clearview offers:

  • Wireless & Wireline Resource Optimization

  • Multi-user Flexibility & Security Settings

  • AP Integration for Invoice Data Feeds

  • Custom Reporting Capability

  • Greater Visibility with Dashboards

  • Inventory Management

  • Invoice Imaging & Archiving

  • Bill Auditing Tools

  • Detailed Cost Allocation by Dept or GL Code

  • End-to-End Invoice Processing

  • Contract Tracking & Change Management

Learn how to get the most out of Clearview. 

See our flexible Deployment Options.

Fully Customizable Reporting

Clearview can grow as your needs grow. It’s designed to expand, offering new reports and capabilities as you work them into your TEM processes. Use customize reports and dashboards to quickly see the information you need. Reports can be designed for any level of visibility – auditor, manager or client.

IT-Free & No Security Worries

Clearview is a web-based telecom expense management software, eliminating the IT headaches and security hassles of hosting it yourself. Authorized users can access Clearview from anywhere, keeping all your telecom information organized in one place. And any updates to the system are automatically installed, so there are no version worries either. You are always working with the latest technology, and Valicom takes care of the security issues for you.

The Power of SaaS

Offering Clearview as a web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution creates a simple, yet powerful, low-cost option for consultants. Graduate from spreadsheets and use a tool with the power to make audits easier and to better showcase the savings you bring your clients.

Invoice Data Loading and Bill Payment

One of end users largest pain points of telecom expense management (TEM) is the processing of invoices. Valicom can help you help your clients manage the paperwork with automated invoice management. Simply have the invoices sent to Valicom, we load all the data into the system, so it is available for auditing, then GL code everything and pay the bills on the back end. Streamlined, efficient, and fast.  Ask about invoice processing & payment during your Clearview Demo.

Building a Business Case for TEM

Are you still using Excel spreadsheets for you expense management?

Telecom expense management solutions are an essential asset for any organization. However, some companies are hesitant to leave their current systems. There are few considerations that will help you build a solid business case for TEM solutions.

Are you still using Excel spreadsheets for you expense management? Telecom costs are becoming more complex with variable plans, services, and companies. Tracking this information on paper is likely leading to errors and overspending on unnecessary items.

TEM tracks all of your items based on provider, user, location, and more. TEM will also manage your inventory closely within a mobile workforce. Organizations can use TEM to cost effectively control application policies, check device costs, and manage usage plans.

Clearview for Consultants & Agents

White Label

We consider our partners as extensions of Valicom. Valicom is committed to being a strong partner for consultants. In an effort to better serve our partner consultants and their clients, we offer Clearview as a privately labeled software solution so you can provide the industry-leading TEM software as your own.

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