Telecom and technology expense management solutions tailored to fit your unique needs.

Our mission is to provide clarity and visibility into corporate telecom and technology expense management (TEM) environments, including telecom, wireless, voice, data and cloud server management, through our expertise and intuitive TEM software, Clearview.

Increase visibility. Control costs. Streamline operations.


Telecom Expense Management WILL SAVE
YOU 10-35% of your TOTAL Telecom SPEND.

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Outsourced TEM solutions have numerous benefits, including massive savings and streamlined processes. A survey published by Forrester Research found that by moving from manual, paper-based invoice processes to fully automated, electronic invoice processing, businesses can achieve:

-        Cost savings of 90% on the accounts payable (AP) side

-        Cost savings of 44% in the accounts receivable (AR) departments

-        Error reduction of 37% on all types of invoices.

What is TEM?

What is TEM? TEM stands for telecom and technology expense management. It means actively managing your wireless, voice, and data environments with the goals of reducing risk and cost.

TEM includes:

  • Gathering all of your telecom bills

  • Looking for overcharges through an audit

  • Searching for contract violations

  • Optimizing your environment to save money

  • Negotiating directly with vendors to get a better deal

The Benefits of TEM Services


  • Identify significant savings on your telecom expenses

  • Eliminate fraud and unauthorized charges

  • Identify errors and recover funds through close inspection or an audit of your wireline and wireless services


Best TEM Tool
  • Reallocate Personnel to focus on strategic core competencies

  • Streamline order fulfillment, auditing, asset management, and payment processes

  • Realize more efficient use of employee time


  • Assure corporate business policy and regulatory compliance

  • Increase accuracy in expense tracking and reporting

  • Achieve financial goals through no-risk investment models


Telecom Expense Management Solutions are an essential asset for any small-medium sized organization and can save 15% to 30% of annual spend.

Many of Valicom’s clients are leading companies in their respective industries, and the case studies shown here are just a small sampling of the success stories our clients have enjoyed since 1991. All clients featured in our case studies continue to benefit from an ongoing relationship with Valicom.

Clearview TEM Software

...designed for exceptional
user experience and TEM savings.

Clearview is a web-based telecom and wireless management software tool to help you increase productivity while managing wireless, wireline and inventory in one intuitive location. Software deployment options include flexible, custom solutions where you can choose to pair up with optional a la carte telecom auditing and invoice processing services.

"Clearview saved us a lot of time and frustration when centralizing invoices for telecom services. The extensive options available in Clearview allows for easy access and to run standard or customized reports as needed."


Increase visibility. Reduce risk. Control costs.


Valicom Partners

Partners, consultants, and master agents regularly look to grow their existing book of business. If you currently provide IT consulting services including IT assessments, IT leadership development, strategic initiatives, IT project planning, or other IT focused support, you may be researching to see if TEM is right for you.

TEM Partners benefit from:


AddED Recurring Revenue

Improve profitability through white-label software options, additional consulting opportunities, revenue markup and/or commission-based sales.

Expanded Services

Make your organization a better and more versatile asset for current and future clients.

Streamline Processes

Shorten the time to deliver results by connecting with Valicom's expertise and carefully crafted tools.

Access TEM Software

Leverage Clearview, Valicom's web-based telecom expense management tool, to increase your efficiency without building new solutions for each client.

Our channel partnership with Valicom has been great—we have been working together for over four years. It’s been a wonderful partnership for both our team and our clients. If there is an issue, it gets solved quickly and transparently.
— Rick, Xilec


We take TEM very seriously and consider our TEM partners extensions of Valicom's growing and committed family.

As a partner, you will access support, training, and marketing collateral to immediately drive success.

In an effort to better serve partner consultants and clients, you'll receive ongoing benefits as part of this partner program.

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