Cloud Expense Management

What is Cloud Expense Management?

Are you leveraging manual reporting for cloud usage in cost allocation?

Are you in need of deploying a telecom and technology expense management solution with the addition of cloud expenses?

Cloud expenses should be tracked and reviewed with sophisticated reporting that manual systems don’t provide.



Valicom’s telecom and technology application has been managing cloud expenses paired with invoice approval and bill payment for years, ahead of the trends in TEM. The Clearview Cloud Expense Management processes, allocates, and reports on cloud spend to support your IT department’s growing needs.

Validate and optimize your cloud inventory expenditures by deploying Valicom’s intelligent solutions. We pair up our technology analysts with the intuitive Clearview solution to provide ultimate accuracy and customer support.


ONE. Significant decrease in cloud expenses.

Ensue you pay only for the capacity needed to maintain operations. All too often, companies recklessly self-generate waste and drive up expenses by paying for things they do not use. Excessive expenditures on the Cloud is often seen in company testing and development infrastructures.

TWO. Avoid Over-provisioning.

Confusion over storage costs frequently occurs when companies are billed for storage apart from their instances. Relying on cloud expense management services means eliminating this type of frivolous expense.

THREE. IT Infrastructure Audit.

Examine the current cost of IT infrastructure vs the cost of using the Cloud helps create a precise picture of potential expenditures that will be consumed by cloud resources. Cloud expense management takes care of calculating indirect and direct costs responsible for productivity loss, over-provisioning and paying for non-essential capacity.

FOUR. Eliminate Human Error & Invoice Disarray.

Disposing of printed reports and paper receipts is one of the primary reasons organizations need cloud expense management. In some cases, fraudulent practices and/or inadvertent inconsistencies are inflating budgets. This can negatively and substantially impact a company's scalability, viability and profitability before relevant departments realize the scope of such an impact.

FIVE. Maximize Time & Streamline Workflows.

Companies who think the Cloud is too expensive will be happy to learn that cloud expense management services excel at getting the costs down low enough for them to utilize the Cloud, grow their company exponentially and dramatically boost their competitiveness among other industry organizations.



More Information

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