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Controlling Telecom Environments with Valicom

Serving clients in all industries to reduce telecom expenses with a winning combination of exceptional people, highly structured telecom audit processes and sophisticated computing and reporting systems.

Many of Valicom’s clients are leading companies in their respective industries, and the case studies shown here are just a small sampling of the many great success stories our clients have enjoyed since 1991. All clients featured in our case studies continue to benefit from an ongoing relationship with Valicom.

Healthcare: Creating Consistency


With a healthcare system with over 100 years of experience, this client creates fresh approaches to today’s healthcare challenges, including on-going enhancements to maximize resources to provide the best care possible. They came to Valicom with 7 hospitals and over 6,800 staff members.

Business Challenges:

  • Reviewing and processing invoices

  • On-time bill payment

  • Regularly auditing invoices - had too many invoices to keep up with

  • Mergers and acquisitions of clinics hindered control of overall telecom environment

  • Had more important IT tasks that they wanted to focus on

TEM Solution:

In short, Valicom was able to deliver an almost-immediate return on investment and have now maintained a productive relationship for over ten years. 

As of January 2017, we were able to save this client $684,030. This does not account for time/salary savings, but hard dollar savings derived from expense management monitoring, install changes, invoice errors, credits, unused services, and more! Read full story…

Hospitality: WAN Inventory Audit


This clients IT Department was collecting all IT related invoices at a central mailbox and utilizing manual workflows via email for coding and approvals. Managing and approving invoices with these existing processes demanded a significant amount of time and resources for all involved and did not provide a reliable electronic backup for all approved documentation. This client reached out to Valicom for support on the following major business needs.

Business Challenges:

This hospitality client had an annual WAN spend of over $50 million. In order to optimize their telecom environment, they were looking for a WAN audit, contract review, to allocate cost centers & review their overall telecom environment using a web-based software.

Before establishing the relationship with Valicom, the client wasn’t actively tracking WAN inventory across their thousands of locations. 

TEM Solution:

After a few months of coding and testing, Valicom was able to address the client’s needs with an added feature to Clearview, the Invoice Approval Tool, which brought immediate results, including: immediate savings of $1.2 million

With ongoing invoice and contract review, paired with back office TEM support, Valicom was able to save the client a total of $6.2 million.

Valicom now manages IT, Non-WAN, and international environments, adding up to over $270 million in annual spend and nearly 6,000 invoices processed annually. Read full story…

Product Testing Firm: Wireless Expense Control


This client operates safety consulting and certifications in the United States and manages offices in 46 countries, providing safety related testing, inspections, advising, and training to a wide range of clients. 

The organization includes 64 total laboratories, testing and certification facilities service customers in 104 countries. 


  • They wanted a wireless audit to manage inventory and improve wireless usage

  • Focus on international calling because they had had issues in the past

  • Overall inventory control


Valicom uploaded their entire wireless environment into our TEM Software, Clearview. This allowed them to see inventory activity, eliminating zero use assets and identifying places to optimize spending. 

 This client was also due for contract renewal, which was a great opportunity to pick a contract that saved them the most money and met their specific needs. Valicom gave advice on which vendors to pick and assisted in the RFP process. 

Overall savings reached for this product testing firm is $708,281– which is equal to 30% total savings from their previous annual spend. Read full story…

Energy Management: Audit, RFP, and Contract Negotiation


This client and predecessor companies have kept houses warm, lights burning & factories running for over 100 years. They have over 200 locations and 4,000 employees.

Their telecom spend concludes at $6 million and over 700 wireless devices. 

Business Challenges:

TEM Solution:

Valicom providing a large sale audit of wireline inventory, a centralized access point to contracts and invoices with Clearview, optimization of their wireless environment, and invoice processing.

The wireline inventory audit resulted in $145,000 of credits with vendors and $400,000 recurring annual savings. 

After three years savings, as of January 2017, we are happy to have saved this client $1,196,758.78. Read full story…


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