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Sometimes it’s hard to know what to look for and if you identify something that look suspicious, we often don’t have a name to put to the activity. Learn how to not only identify invoice errors but also best practices for catching these errors in real time.

It's easy to lose control of IT costs when companies grow quickly. Those that lose track of IT costs will give up valuable funds that could be used to hire talent or acquire key assets.

Did you know invoice errors occur on approximately 35% of all telecom invoices? But what, if anything, are you doing to find and remedy them? Your organization could be missing these critical errors month after month. Compounded after years of ‘blind eyes’, it’s no surprise that these line items that can add up to hundreds of thousands of…

Featuring Jeff Poirior, President & COO of Valicom, and Hyoun Park, CEO & Principal Analyst of Amalgam Insights. This webinar covers how easy it is to lose control of IT costs when companies grow quickly. Those that lose track of IT costs will give up valuable funds that could be used to hire talent or acquire key assets.

Often, we see that companies will either not be tracking their inventory at all or they are doing it via excel documents. Especially, across several locations, automating your inventory management can save you BIG TIME.

The Cure for IT Budgets Telecom budgets are expected to reach $100 billion in the healthcare industry by 2017. Are these costs crushing your IT budgets? And are you properly managing these expenses?

Grab the keys to unlocking critical savings in your telecom budget.

This webinar will shed light on some of the most commonly overlooked opportunities for savings in telecom management.

TEM News

Businesses are overspending by as much as 50% on their telecom bills, part of the reason being is about 80% of telephone bills have some type of error. There are a variety of billing errors to look out for and each error has a variance of severity. Being able to identify these errors is the first step to stopping them in their tracks.    

Organizations have a variety of options when determining a telecom expense management (TEM) solution. But how do you know which one is right for you? Your solution should be based off of your organizations needs and not a standard set of features. In this video you can find a few tricks to pick the best TEM solution for your organization.  

Service visibility, cost negotiations, and catching billing errors are all things that need to be considered when selecting a TEM vendor. For example, your TEM provider should not be tied to any one specific carrier to assure there is no bias when it comes to making decisions about who you should be using.  

Approving invoices manually includes hidden costs and room for errors. An invoice approval tool can maximize savings and free up time for more important tasks. One of end users largest pain points of telecom expense management (TEM) is the processing of invoices. Valicom can help you help your clients manage the paperwork with automated invoice management.

Keeping up with all the equipment and software within your IT infrastructure can be a challenge for any business. IT Asset Management begins with a central repository for your IT inventory. This video looks at tips to help you build an effective IT asset management plan for your organization. 

Healthcare is an extremely busy industry. Managing telecom and technology expenses for numerous locations wastes valuable time and money that could be spent doing more valuable projects. Telecom expense management (TEM) software can make managing these expenses a breeze, including three tools for healthcare specifically.

Need help convincing your executive team that TEM is worthwhile? It should be as simple as stating - "With TEM, we will actually be saving money, not spending it." Telecom expense management solutions are an essential asset to any organization. Are you still using Excel spreadsheets for your expense management?

With TEM, organizations can save thanks to cost avoidance, reductions in future spending and labor efficiencies. TEM is an essential asset to your business by monitoring all telecom spending and vendors while identifying errors and areas that can be cut. Since 1991, Valicom has deployed TEM software & services to address this problem. 

What are the biggest IT asset management challenges? Telecom and IT spending for data and voice services is noted as one of the top line-item expenses for most organizations. It’s imperative that telecom expense management (TEM) is organized seamlessly. In order to manage these expenses with ease, the video outlines the top challenges facing telecom expense management.

New technology and tools are adding complexity to the telecom space, making it difficult to accurately track expenses. With so many elements under one umbrella, it can be easy to lose track of services that are no longer valuable or are overpriced. Organizations must take back control of bloated telecom expenses to cut costs.

Explainer Videos

What is TEM?

TEM stands for telecom expense management. Essentially it is the proactive management of your telecom environment and expenses. It can include invoice processing and auditing, as well as cost allocation, bill pay, double checking contract compliance, and assistance negotiating for better contract rates.

Cost Allocation & Bill Pay Solutions

Cost allocation and bill pay services streamline your invoice processing. Get an accurate look at expense, broken down by department, employees and locations. Then cut one check each  month to cover all of your telecom costs. We’ll cut individual checks, one per invoice, and double check that each payment has been applied correctly.

TEM Service Models

Valicom offers a wide range of services, customized to your telecom expense management needs. Whether it’s wirelinewireless, or inventory, we have an option that will fit your team and budget needs. Team up with Valicom as your telecom expert and reduce telecom expenses.

Telecom & Technology Inventory Management

Telecom inventory management is the foundation for Telecom Expense Management (TEM). Inventory is a moving target: new services are added and old services are disconnected. It is critical for large organizations to have a central repository of every telecom asset.

Telecom Contract Support

Telecom carriers are in business to make money and since most contracts are for several years, they can take more of it than they should, for a very long time, if you don’t negotiate your telecom pricing well.

Channel Partner Program Overview

Add new services to your business portfolio and recurring revenue to your bottom line. We consider our partners as extensions of our own team, and understand that we all do better when we work together. To learn more about our Channel Partner Program check out our Partners page.

Clearview TEM Software

Clearview is a powerful, web-based software platform for managing voice, wireless and data environments. Used by internal staff alone, or paired with professional services provided by our expert team, it delivers a robust proactive tool to increase visibility, reduce risk and control costs.

What is IT Asset Management?

IT Asset Management begins with a central repository for your IT environment. With IT Asset Management, you can gain transparency into your IT environment in order to catch hidden costs, reduce recurring fees and optimize usage.

Telecom Invoice Services

Discover why you need to review your telecom and technology invoices regularly. Access an outsourced TEM service for all the benefits!

Video Blogs

Find dozens of short, informational videos within our blog, visit our resources page and learn what you have been missing regarding telecom and technology expense management.