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On-Demand Webinars

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It's easy to lose control of IT costs when companies grow quickly. Those that lose track of IT costs will give up valuable funds that could be used to hire talent or acquire key assets.

Topics Include:

  • Dealing with teenage IT in high growth companies

  • Identifying your breaking points of managing IT

  • Why funding can be an IT challenge

  • Your 3 Options: in-house, back office, managed services

  • Key recommendations

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How much are you spending on crucial, time-sensitive tasks? Bill payment, cost allocation, auditing, carrier dispute resolution – all of these crucial tasks take time, expertise, and attention to detail.

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Did you know invoice errors occur on approximately 35% of all telecom invoices? But what, if anything, are you doing to find and remedy them? Your organization could be missing these critical errors month after month. Compounded after years of ‘blind eyes’, it’s no surprise that these line items that can add up to hundreds of thousands of…

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The Cure for IT Budgets Telecom budgets are expected to reach $100 billion in the healthcare industry by 2017. Are these costs crushing your IT budgets? And are you properly managing these expenses?

Telecom Inventory and Asset Management for Savings

Grab the keys to unlocking critical savings in your telecom budget.

This webinar will shed light on some of the most commonly overlooked opportunities for savings in telecom management.


Videos & Presentations

What is TEM?

TEM stands for telecom expense management. Essentially it is the proactive management of your telecom environment and expenses. It can include invoice processing and auditing, as well as cost allocation, bill pay, double checking contract compliance, and assistance negotiating for better contract rates.

Cost Allocation & Bill Pay Solutions

Cost allocation and bill pay services streamline your invoice processing. Get an accurate look at expense, broken down by department, employees and locations. Then cut one check each  month to cover all of your telecom costs. We’ll cut individual checks, one per invoice, and double check that each payment has been applied correctly.

TEM Service Models

Valicom offers a wide range of services, customized to your telecom expense management needs. Whether it’s wirelinewireless, or inventory, we have an option that will fit your team and budget needs. Team up with Valicom as your telecom expert and reduce telecom expenses.

Telecom & Technology Inventory Management

Telecom inventory management is the foundation for Telecom Expense Management (TEM). Inventory is a moving target: new services are added and old services are disconnected. It is critical for large organizations to have a central repository of every telecom asset.

Telecom Contract Support

Telecom carriers are in business to make money and since most contracts are for several years, they can take more of it than they should, for a very long time, if you don’t negotiate your telecom pricing well.

Channel Partner Program Overview

Add new services to your business portfolio and recurring revenue to your bottom line. We consider our partners as extensions of our own team, and understand that we all do better when we work together. To learn more about our Channel Partner Program check out our Partners page.

Clearview TEM Software

Clearview is a powerful, web-based software platform for managing voice, wireless and data environments. Used by internal staff alone, or paired with professional services provided by our expert team, it delivers a robust proactive tool to increase visibility, reduce risk and control costs.

What is IT Asset Management?

IT Asset Management begins with a central repository for your IT environment. With IT Asset Management, you can gain transparency into your IT environment in order to catch hidden costs, reduce recurring fees and optimize usage.

Telecom Invoice Services

Discover why you need to review your telecom and technology invoices regularly. Access an outsourced TEM service for all the benefits!

Video Blogs

Find dozens of short, informational videos within our blog, visit our resources page and learn what you have been missing regarding telecom and technology expense management.