How Does a TEM Software Solution Streamline Workflow?

Running a successful business requires more than the ability to track sales and generated revenue each month. In order to streamline the workflow with your employees while also maximizing productivity, software solutions are extremely beneficial.

Using TEM (Telecom Expense Management) software solution helps to boost productivity while providing advantages over managing the telecommunication bills and data manually and by utilizing manpower in the workplace.

What is TEM Software?

Telecom Expense Management software is software that is designed for businesses of any size, whether you are launching your very first start up or if you are looking to expand an existing expanding corporation. Managing telecommunication services, software, and billing can quickly become draining when doing so yourself, which is why more companies today than ever are opting for a TEM software solution to streamline their workflow. Some of the most well-known features TEM software offers includes:

  • The ability to automatically save, store, and analyze incoming data that has been generated using the telecommunication services you currently have in place.

  • The ability to detect potential issues or anomalies with sales and expenses regarding your telecom services and setup.

  • Automatic bill-paying and adjustments of bills that are inaccurate. Never miss paying another telecommunication bill on time with a TEM software solution.

  • Disputing or validation of various charges you are responsible for regarding your telecommunication services and equipment.

  • Identifying new ways to cut costs and save money on telecommunication expenses without limiting your abilities.

Drastically Improve Inefficient Work Processes, Increasing Overall Productivity

Avoid the hassle of manually rifling through stacks of telecom invoices your business receives each month with a TEM software solution you trust in place. A TEM software solution is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of time required in order to pay bills and overlook current TEM expenses before handling invoices and paying clients or providers. With the number of telecom invoices you are likely receiving as your business continues to grow, having a TEM software solution in place is essential.

When reviewing invoices and checking them individually for mistakes becomes time-consuming, the quality of work will drastically drop. With TEM software in place, automatically keep track of incoming and due invoices to ensure they are handled properly and with complete accuracy.

Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

TEM Software is extremely beneficial to minimize expenses that are unnecessary or simply frivolous for your business. Entering the data received each month fro your telecom invoices can require a full-time position, costing you more and requiring excessive manual labor to get the job done appropriately. Entering and submitting payment information is tedious and not necessary when you choose to work with a TEM software solution that is optimal for your business plan and model.

TEM solutions monitor payments and expenses automatically, providing you with valuable insight immediately on command and without rifling through documents and organized items that have already been paid or those that have not. With TEM software, learn how to minimize your expenses while maximizing the services you receive.

Understanding the basics of TEM (Telecom Expense Management) and what it offers in the workplace is the first step to choosing a TEM solution that is right for your business and future. With the right TEM software solution, manage your business efficiently, effectively and with your finances in order and properly spent at all times.

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About the Author: Nancy Peckham

Nancy began her career in telecommunications in 1983 as an account executive with Republic Telecom, a regional long distance carrier. She was named district sales manager for the Wisconsin region in 1987 when Republic Telecom was acquired by Mid American Communications. She recognized a need for independent, objective telecommunications consulting which led her founding Valicom.

Since its launch in 1991, Valicom has been a leader in providing telecom expense management solutions and serves enterprise and mid-market clients in a variety of industries and verticals across the U.S. Nancy earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, founded and served as president of the Telecommunications Professionals of Wisconsin (TPW) from 1989-1992, and was executive vice president on the board of directors of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants (STC). Nancy is also a founding member and executive council chair of the Independent Telecommunications Expense Management Association (i-TEM).