The "Death of Blackberry" Illustrates Mobile Transition Challenges for Enterprise

The Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA), of which Valicom is a member, is the voice for telecom and mobile expense management providers in the US.  In conjunction with member organizations, they just released a new report on best practices for organizations that are transitioning employees’ mobile devices. The report, titled “BlackBerry Concerns Dial up Bigger Issues for Enterprises”, is available online from the Valicom telecom management white paper library.

Beyond the tumultuous rise and fall of Blackberry, TEMIA members have identified a bigger issue that all enterprises must face. In the past, IT departments could rely on an orderly transition as they moved from one technology to the next. But the current mobile market, with its shorter device replacement cycles and relentless change, has created a volatile environment in which handset makers and other providers of mobile technology can quickly go out of business. Today, enterprises must develop plans to address these disruptions – BEFORE they happen.

This report includes best practices and insights from TEMIA members on how to handle mobile transitions. Its members are well-positioned to provide insights on managing transitions, because they manage over $61 Billion in spend on behalf of enterprises. In addition, 80% of TEMIA members – including Valicom – can assist clients with implementing mobile transitions. The report on best practices for BYOD programs can be downloaded now from the Valicom telecom management white paper library.