Latest Webinar Addresses 2014 Trends in Telecom Management

Telecommunications management has undergone a radical evolution the past few years, and new security, privacy and pricing trends are making “business as usual” almost dangerous.  After 23 years doing telecom expense management, Valicom has seen enough of the industry’s history to be very alert to trends and fads.  To address these trends, and give a solid overview of where the industry stands and where it’s going, they recorded their webinar “Telecom Expense Management 2014: Trends & Best Practices” and it is now available to stream.

Valicom President and COO, Jeff Poirior,  said “Not to state the obvious, but keeping up with technology and changes before they broadside your budget are things no one has time for, but also can’t afford NOT to take time for.  I’m a busy business leader too, but I understand that there are things I need to know, and that’s what we’re trying to offer telecom managers with this webinar… big trends, what tech will impact their telecom environment, and best practices for controlling costs.”

The webinar will discuss the evolution of telecom expense management and the mounting challenges facing today’s telecom manager. Topics will range from the growth of BYOD and mobility management, to the escalating privacy and security issues surrounding an ever more connected workforce, and the increasing complexity of devices and how that drives support needs and costs.

Valicom Marketing and Channel Manager Lacinda Athen, who is presenting, said “We’re seeing that more and more firms, with ever smaller telecom environments, are finding they need information, skills and tools to get a handle on their costs.  This webinar should give them a place to start, as well as offer something to the more experienced telecom manager, especially if they are interested in the new software tools available to do their job.”

Valicom will also lay out best practices about how to manage invoicing, auditing, bill payment, contract negotiation and optimization.   As Mr. Poirior states “One of our goals has always been to level the playing field between the carriers and the rest of us.  In our minds, a more informed telecom management community means everyone wins.”

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