Valicom Posts Record High Client Satisfaction Scores for Q3 2011

Valicom, a twenty year veteran of telecom expense management, reports continued high client satisfaction survey scores with its third quarter 2011 results.  A strong combination of web-based software, flexible delivery options and excellent, experienced Telecom Audit teams creates an environment for client success, savings and satisfaction.  The client satisfaction scores were 3.89 on a 4.0 scale, a record high.

Madison, Wisconsin (December 7, 2011) – Telecom expense management firm Valicom reports record high client satisfaction scores for 3rd quarter 2011.   This continues a twelve year tradition of surveying clients quarterly, to learn how well they are delivering in eight key areas:  professionalism, overall expectation, communication, quality and accuracy, understanding client needs, responsiveness, meeting deadlines, and overall value.  The combined client satisfaction scores were 3.89 on a 4.0 scale, a new high.

CEO Nancy Peckham, upon release of the scores, offered her take on how Valicom continues to exceed customer expectation.  “At Valicom, we really go beyond just delivering services.  We aim to help level the playing field between our customers and the telecom carriers.  In the David versus Goliath battle to control telecom costs, we like to think we bring value and business intelligence to help our clients win the war.”

As Valicom branches out more to work with partners and consultants in the IT and telecom management field, these new customers are also finding value with their solutions.  By combining their web-based software Clearview with an a la carte suite of traditional telecom auditing and management services, Valicom creates custom deliverables for each of its clients.  From software subscriptions to fully outsourced telecom lifecycle management, Valicom delivers at the highest level, supporting the high satisfaction scores they receive from clients large and small.