Finding TEM Challenges: Operational

During our latest webinar ‘Unlock Savings: Finding Telecom Inefficiencies” we covered many opportunities for savings in your current organizational processes. From financial, technical, and operational — we emphasized balance in achieving savings.

Today we are focusing on savings to be had in your operations. Here are a few of our top tips for improving your operations for more efficient telecom management.

Bill Pay

Automatic bill pay ensure that the right amount of money is being applied to each individual invoice, and is paid on time, every time.

Invoice Management

Your Accounts Payable inbox is already exploding with paper. Those 1,000 page-long invoices? Be careful to not hit ‘print’. Save time, money, and printer paper by hosting your invoices online. They can be accessed (with permission of course) by others in your organization.

Inventory Management

Is that Excel spreadsheet weighing you down? Upgrade to a tool that was meant for telecom inventory management. There’s a bunch out there, and we encourage you to check them all out to find just the right fit.

Contract Renewal Notices

No need to mark your calendar for upcoming contract end dates. Get automatic notification when it’s time to renew telecom contracts through Clearview. Plus, access all of your contracts electronically, at any time. Which means no more time spent paging through binders, looking for a specific contract.

To access these, and many more tips for savings opportunities in your telecom spend, stream the webinar.