Bill Pay Services

Our team members go above and beyond for our clients. Sometimes that means digging deep into the details, and doing the work that no one else wants to. Keeping track of the line items that you don’t have the time, or brain space to do. Here’s one example – paying bills accurately and on time.

Paying bills is such a pain. Especially when there’s bills from five carriers and twenty different invoices arriving in your inbox every month. When is invoice A due, and was our check from last month correctly applied to the previous bill?

That’s where our Bill Pay service comes in. Our team provides you with the right tools and services to accurately and efficiently manage your telecom bills. It’s the perfect compliment to telecom bill auditing and cost allocation. Adding bill pay services to your Valicom suite of services reduces the load on your internal team.

You cut ONE check for ALL of your accounts.

  1. Here’s a few signs that it is time to consider bill pay services:
  2. Your service was suspended due to late or incorrect payment
  3. More often than not, you end up paying by phone every month
  4. Your payments are being applied to the wrong charges
  5. You know every word to your carrier’s hold music. “How sweet is to be looooved by you.”

Benefits of bill pay

  • Take the weight off your internal AP team. Consolidate their payments.
  • No more late fees. You heard that right. We pay the right amount, at just the right time.
  • No more sitting on hold. We’ve got the right contacts at each carrier, and will call on your behalf.

See all of the details for Valicom’s Bill Pay Services in the full one-sheet.