Do you have a Clearview of your Telecom Expenses?

My years of experience managing Information Technology and Telecom continues continuous to teach me that company’s expense control, or lack of it, are problems that are resolved on a regular basis, but Telecom Expense management is not one of those problems that can be fixed once and then ignored. This is a constant recurring problem that requires attention!

The problem is easily ignored when this is addressed once and a contract is negotiated, or errors are found on an invoice that is being processed, etc.

Recycled problems! Have you ever heard of this. Managing Telecom expenses is one of those that fall into this category. Companies need to institute a system and, or process that accounts for change in leadership priorities, change in front-line staff and most importantly a change in Telecom vendors or carriers.

The question is not should I outsource or should I keep it in-house, the question is do you have a tool, other than just a spreadsheet that people have to manually maintain and manipulate that automates the process, keeps the focus; integrates a proven, efficient work-flow and is significantly less expensive than traditional outsourcing of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software that requires tremendous care and feeding by your staff?

Yesterday this question was somewhat complex and took some research to sift through the competitive offerings available. With the Software-as-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology platform gaining traction, this is the option you cannot afford to ignore.

At Valicom we would like you to consider our SaaS offering that is capturing the attention of companies all over the country. Clearview is the TEM software that will become the tool of choice that you can no longer afford to live without!

Check it out!  For more information, and to request a short demo, read more on our telecom expense management software Clearview.