The 30,000 foot overview of your Telecom Expense Control Questionaire

Quick, Executives – Can you answer the following off the top of your head?

  1. Do you * really* know the dollar amount of your total annual Telecom expense?
  2. Would you like to slash an average of 30% off your annual Telecom expense?
  3. Are you confident that your Telecom/IT staff is giving you accurate reporting so that your company can make the best decisions with regard to your Telecom cost management and expense analysis?

Your turn, Management – Can you answer the following?

  1. Do you have access to the correct financial metrics that your leaders depend upon for making better and more informed business decisions?
  2. Are you certain your Telecom/IT analysts are giving you accurate Telecom information to pass on to upper management or negotiate with vendors?
  3. During budgeting periods, do you have access to accurate vendor spend ratios, trending, spend make-up, etc. for reliable strategic forecasting?

Last but not least, Telecom/IT Adminstrators (Admins.) – do you have these answers at your fingertips?

  1. Are you able to confidently confirm that you have each and every inventory item accounted for – including user, spend, location as well as an ongoing list of work in progress (WIP) issues that include billing errors and variance fluxes?
  2. Do you have the bandwidth to track and document all inventory changes and said billing issues; Following some issues and credits for, at times, months at a time until your vendor gets it right?
  3. Do you do the best you can tracking with an excel spreadsheet or access data base and network maps – but at times, your workload is so great these crucial steps get delayed or often missed altogether?
  4. Are you able to keep Customer Service Records (CSR’s) on hand and up to date in order to monitor inventory and ensure that your company is being billed per contract?
  5. Are you utilizing a concrete accounting progress to maintain inventory and device counts across your company for all locations and users?
  6. Does your staff have the time and capability to review each invoice on an ongoing basis?
  7. Do you know where every circuit terms, that each POTS line is needed and that all of your cell phone usage is optimized?

I’m guessing the answer for you, Admins. – is probably no.   You do the best you can with the tools provided, but you do not have software that allows you to focus less time on the day-to-day critical information, and more time on critical projects.

Because all the time (or very limited time) the Admins Spend on these critical functions funnel right to the top, Managers and Executives, a “no” answer to this portion of the questionnaire should make you nervous: If their data isn’t 100% accurate – then the reporting wheels fall off for everything moving forward.

Give your employees the tools they need for confident accurate reporting with great Software as a Service (SaaS) tool. Go from false reporting and decision-making capability to accurate and concrete.

Stop thinking you’re making great business decisions and start KNOWING you’re making informed business decisions with a SaaS purchase that suits your needs.   You’ll be glad you did.

Clearview telecom expense management software is the only answer you need!