VIDEO BLOG: What's Hiding in Your Phone Bill?

Businesses are overspending by as much as 50 percent on their telecom bills. Additionally, as many as 80 percent of telephone bills have errors, which could increase costs. Do you or your senior management know what your annual telecom expense total is? If not, now is the time to take control.

Some companies use “cramming” to put a charge on the bill for a service you never ordered. These fees can often look like they’re part of another service, but are just making you spend more. Make sure to look over your bill carefully to identify any third-party charges.

Not all hidden fees are bad. The Universal Service Fund Fee puts money toward important areas like E-rate, state taxes and emergency response services. That being said, a good portion of your miscellaneous fees may be suspect so it’s a good idea to stay proactive in managing and auditing your invoices. Stay tuned with Valicom to learn more about how to manage your telecom expenses.