Boost Client Revenue with Valicom’s Partner Program

Valicom offers a unique and lucrative opportunity for Master Agents and IT Services providers through our Channel Partner Program. The program allows you to expand your business offering, adding technology and telecom expense management (TEM) to your repertoire. OR reduce your own overhead costs by automating and outsourcing time-consuming data entering processes.

So why partner with Valicom? Leverage our team to become:

The IT Budget Hero: Up to 35% of all telecom invoices contain errors*, meaning firms are wasting 15 to 40 percent of their annual telecom budget. Your clients are losing money hand over foot, and what they need is TEM – Telecom Expense Management. *Forrester Research

The Pair of Fresh Eyes: Gain total visibility to the clients’ entire telecom spend, opportunities for negotiating contacts, and areas for optimization. Get in the driver’s seatand make proactive decisions for better service at a reduced cost.

Totally Irreplaceable: Bring the correct mix of managed services together for your customer.Be their one-stop-shop. Layering value-added services builds trust and demonstrates value. It makes you more sticky and creates a stream of recurring revenue for your business.

The Trusted Advisor: As your clients’ needs change, their search for value also changes. They depend on you to point them in the right direction. To anticipate their needs: TEM is just what they didn’t know they absolutely needed.

Your clients benefit from cost savings through managed telecom invoice auditing and optimization. Your team reduces the overhead and soft costs associated with the work load related to performing these specialized services.

What’s more is that we treat our partners are extensions of our own team, because we truly believe that we all do better when we work together. It’s a win-win for everyone. We provide you with the resources you’ll need to tell the story of TEM. These resources include sales support and training, as well as marketing collateral to drive your success.

Want to add new products and services to your business offering this year? Consider adding a strategic partner with a polished channel partner program. Learn more about our Channel Partner Program.