i-Spy Telecom Invoice Errors: Training on Your Terms

Now available streaming! Get TEM training on your schedule. Our latest webinar on telecom invoice errors is now available to stream live.

Last week we hosted hot-topic webinar, “i-Spy Telecom Invoice Errors”. During the session we shared five of the most commonly missed and most expensive telecom invoice errors. Could you be missing these telecom invoice errors in your invoices month after month? Your existing telecom invoice processes could be the sticking point.

Why? Telecom invoice errors occur on approximately 35% of all telecom invoices. But what, if anything, is your telecom and technology team doing to find and remedy them? Your organization could be missing these critical errors month after month. Compounded after years of ‘blind eyes’, it’s no surprise that these line items that can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars of budget lost each year.

From in-depth invoice audits, accurate inventories, and contract compliance checks, there are a few key ways to protect yourself from these errors. Learn to identify and take action on these opportunities for savings in our webinar.

Case studies covered during the session spotlight how our clients leverage our telecom invoice and auditing experts to uncover errors and recoup credits. If you think you could be missing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars buried in your invoices each month, it’s worth watching!