Why Telecom Inventory Management Matters

Telecom inventory is never easy to measure.

Why? It’s a moving target monthly… your organization’s telecom line items are always in flux. New lines and circuits being added every month. iPhones and Android devices being connected and disconnected quarterly as new employees begin and others retire or leave. Or perhaps an organization’s locations are spread far and wide, making it difficult to keep accurate and up-to-date inventories feasible without incurring huge travel (or training) expenses.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but managing, tracking and overall being mindful of your telecom inventory is one of the most important first steps to taking control over your telecom expenses. Tracking these ever-changing circuits, lines, and devices takes time and a considerable amount of effort. So why are you continuing to manage this behemoth task in-house?

It might be time to explore the option of out-sourcing inventory management. Building an accurate and up-to-date inventory is the highest priority when we engage with new clients. Valicom’s team of telecom inventory experts build a comprehensive inventory using a combination of your invoices, contracts and a physical audit. We’ll track and manage the ‘move, add, change, delete’ (MACD) of your wireline and wireless accounts.

That paper trail for each of these inventory items will reside in our web-based TEM tool, Clearview. You can drill down into the individual line, account, invoice in Clearview. See the variance month to month of the spend related to a single line, cost code or all of the lines at a specific location. The visibility and transparency is what so many organizations with out-of-control telecom inventory are missing.