Increase Productivity in the Work Place

In the United States, we are working at one hundred thousand miles a minute. Growth in technology has allowed for an increase in efficiency and productivity. The question of 2016 has been, how do I get as much done as possible, with the least amount of work, creating optimal quality. 

One of the many ways businesses are accomplishing this common goal is through video conferencing. Video conferencing allows two or more employees to communicate with each other from the comfort of their current surroundings, instead of having to meet in one agreed upon location. Video conferencing reduces the amount of travel needed, saves time, and better manages processes such as hiring and training. Now that there is the proper technology for video conferencing, we should be utilizing it!

Reduce Travel

The first reason video conferencing will benefit your company is because video conferencing reduces the amount of travel needed. Planes, trains, and automobiles all cost money. The farther away you are from the office, the more it costs to meet in person. Globalization is skyrocketing today. Many companies have partnerships with companies and individuals worlds away. Instead of having to pay the money and take 5 or more days out of your week to meet in person, just video conference.

Save Time

Since video conferencing saves time, employees can continue to reach the common goal of productivity, simplicity, and quality. If you normally work from home and you must drive to work for a meeting and then drive back home to get more done, you’re taking at least 30 minutes or longer  out of your day that could be spent on something else just for travel. Especially if you’re traveling from somewhere like Japan to the United States, the time spent traveling and in hotel rooms could have been used to be productive in other aspects of the business.

Better Manage Processes

Lastly, video conferencing helps better manage processes such as hiring and training. With video conferencing, you can now share documents. Innovations in video conferencing have made it very collaborative. It creates the reality of talking to someone face-to-face. When hiring, video conferencing opens employers up to more opportunities. They can communicate with people from around the world without exerting unnecessary resources to have them come interview in the office. Training works the same way. If you can train your employees, spending the least amount of money on the processes as possible, why wouldn’t you?

In some cases, meeting face-to-face is more effective, especially when there are big decisions to be made. On the other hand, weekly executive board meetings or meetings similar are perfect opportunities for video conferences. There are many different apps that allow us to video conference. A couple of these apps include Zoom and Skype. Technology today, such as our mobile phones, tablets, and computers give us the ability to talk to one another using video. Take care of the devices that allow you to be productive, in an easy way, creating the highest quality. Telecom expense management creates an easy way to keep track of and take care of your devices so you can continue to use them in effective ways like talking to employees and business partners through a video format.

About the Author: Brittany Peckham