Valicom Anniversary: Celebrating Differentiators and Longevity

In 2016 we are celebrating and acknowledging our 25th anniversary. It’s an absolutely monumental year for us, and we are spending some time reflecting back on what it has taken to get us to this point.

To what do you attribute Valicom’s longevity? What aspects of this company’s leadership over the years has enabled it to survive and thrive?

A Values Driven Organization

The leadership team’s commitment to Valicom’s six core values. These values include creating memorable experiences and enduring connections with our clients, being authentic, inspiring, innovative and passionate. It is these values that serve as guidelines for everyday interactions with clients and team members.

Client Satisfaction

The company measures client satisfaction each quarter to gauge key areas of client touch points and how they can be improved or modified. In 2015 Valicom’s client satisfaction surveys were scored 3.95 collectively on a4.0 scale. 


Nancy’s entrepreneurial spirit has driven the company over the years. Nancy’s mom was a pioneer woman entrepreneur who owned and operated pre-school and daycare businesses back in the 60s. It was her mother’s example of strong work ethic and perseverance that inspired Nancy’s entrepreneurial pursuits.

Commitment to Employees and Culture

In 2012, 2013 and 2014 Valicom was named a ‘Best Place to Work in Madison’ by InBusiness Magazine. This award reflects what the company already knew, that they were committed to creating a welcoming environment that would allow employees and teams to strive. Valicom is an organization that takes cares of the people who take care of their clients. Employee turnover is low, over half Valicom’s team has been part of the company for over 5 years.

Major Client Savings

Telecom expenses make up one of an organizations largest operating expenses, and yet they often go completely unmanaged. It has been Valicom’s experience that approximately 15% of all telecom invoices have some sort of error in them. Whether it’s line disconnects that went unprocessed, or wireless devices being billed higher than contracted rates, these errors and an overall lack of active management often amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars lost. In the company’s tenure, the average savings provided to clients (and put back into their budgets) amounts to 10-40% of the client’s total telecom budget.

Did you miss our 25th anniversary announcement? Access it in our press release ‘Madison firm celebrates 25th year in business’.