Valicom’s 25 Year History and What’s Next

Earlier this week we announced our 25th anniversary. What a wild ride it’s been! Over the years, our team has navigated new clients, software, and evolving service offerings. We’ve weathered the storms of economic downturns and tight technology budgets.

Today we are sharing major milestones of our history, and what is next for our company.

Major Milestones:

1991 – Intelligent Networks, Inc was founded by Nancy Peckham to serve a carrier independent and trusted consultant to organizations with large telecom environments.

1993 – The company expands their core service offering from carrier cost comparison and contract negotiations, to also include telecom bill audit services.

1996 – The company’s first software generation of telecom expense management database, which would later be called Clearview, is built and deployed.

2006 – Peckham hires Jeff Poirior as the Vice President of Operations. Jeff will later become the President and COO, guiding the day-to-day operations of the business.

2007 – The Channel Partner Program launches – an initiative to enable consultants to offer TEM services and software to their clients.

2009 –The company changes its name to ‘Valicom’, highlighting the company’s commitment to creating value for clients. Savings typically range from 10-40% of the client’s annual telecom spend.

2010 – The company’s software, Clearview, is launched as a ‘software-as-a-service’ application for client-side use for the first time.

2015 – The company’s 25-year tenure is recognized by the WEDC at the Governor’s Conference on Minority Business Development in Milwaukee.

What’s next for Valicom?

Innovation within our core product, Clearview, adding new features and functionality that our clients are looking for (invoice approval module, automatic bill pay, mobile device functionality)

Staying rooted with our six core values, which guide our everyday interactions with clients and team members. These values include creating memorable experiences and enduring connections with our clients, being authentic, inspiring, innovative and passionate.

Expanding the Channel. In 2007 Valicom launched its Channel Partner Program, enabling consultants to grow their business portfolios. Strategic hires over the last year position Valicom to expand its network of partners reselling the company’s managed services and specialized TEM software.

Remaining telecom carrier independent, we do not receive any incentives from carriers to bring them new business. This allows us to serve the client’s best interest first and foremost.

Remaining a private company, allowing Valicom to be flexible and highly adaptable to client’s evolving business needs. Valicom’s ability to adapt quickly is one of the company’s greatest differentiators. The company’s solution and services can be completely customized to fit the client’s unique business needs.

Did you miss our anniversary announcement? Read the full press release: ‘Madison firm celebrates 25 years in business’