Technology Expense Management for Enterprise Level Clients

TEM Stands for technology expense management

Did you know? The acronym is changing.

Just a few months ago we announced that industry association, TEMIA, has changed their name, and the meaning of the TEM acronym. TEM now stands for ‘technology expense management’.

Over the last 25 years, Valicom has seen so much change in the ways that organizations manage and control their technology expenses. Often, an organizations sizes and shapes often determine how technology expenses management occurs. Whether it’s IT department managing telecom costs and assets, or telecom specialists controlling IT budgets and assets, the facts remain the same – your team need the right tools to keep everything straight.

It’s this evolving and fluidity in processes that prompted Valicom to build our technology expense management software tool, Clearview, in the first place. Clearview allows users to keep all of their telecom, IT, and technology assets…and the costs associated with making them all work, in one place. Then advance reporting and dashboards makes it easy to see trends and control these costs. Clearview offers 54 pre-built reports and the ability to pull an unlimited amount of custom reports. (See all of the reports that our technology expense management tool is capable of, here.)

Ready to add technology expense management tools and services to your organization? Free up internal resources and ensure that your technology expenses are being handled accurately and in a timely matter. Request a conversation with out TEM team today!

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