Excel Templates for Telecom Expense Management

Ok, so maybe the title was a bit misleading…. you won’t find an excel template for TEM in this post. Instead, we’ll outline why specialized software is the right choice for TEM, and leaves Excel in the dust.

Full Disclosure: Microsoft Excel is not the right tool for telecom expense management. In fact, it makes us cringe every time a seasoned TEM professional or consultant tells us about the Excel template they’ve been using since 1997. All things evolve over time, and it is time to step away from your telecom spreadsheet.

Access advanced functionality with specialized telecom expense management software. Read: Things you cannot do with Excel – regardless of how complex your tab system and formulas are.

Why TEM tools win the battle over Excel

  • Contracts: Host all of your contracts in one place and get notifications when one is about to expire
  • Synchronous Work: Application-based tools allow your to collaborate and work together, rather than ‘Save As’ and sending messages like ‘please work from this version of the spreadsheet’
  • Customized Reporting: 54 pre-built reports come standard, and you can create and export unlimited custom reports
  • Multi-User Flexibility: Delegate tasks to your team with permission based accounts.
  • Detailed Cost Allocation: Divide your invoices up to 1% of the total bill. Assign costs based on locations, employees, or department. Transparency in costs just got so much easier.
  • Advanced Inventory: All of the details of your individual inventory items in one place (carrier, invoice number, circuit number, BTN, etc)

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