RFP Template for TEM

Find the right TEM vendor.

It’s all about finding the right fit. For your organization, and for your telecom environment. In today’s blog we outline the RFP process in five steps.

Seeking telecom expense management tools or services? The best way to find the vendor that is the best fit for you is to publish an RFP. Today we outline a few steps and provide a RFP template for TEM.

1. Write your request for proposal (RFP) – Define what services and options you need for your telecom expense management. What is your timeline for implementation, how involved will your telecom team be, and what do you actually need?

2. Submit to Vendors – Here’s a great list of TEM vendors – choose a few (or a bunch) to send your RFP. Those interested in your scope of work will respond.

3. Answer Questions – Offer additional insight into your telecom environment. Include a key contact for vendors to reach out to with questions. Provide your answers to all participating vendors.

4. Collect Responses – Accept responses to your RFP right up until a defined deadline. Be sure to confirm receipt of the vendor’s materials – they’ve put a lot of time and effort into their responses.

5. Choose the Right Fit – Narrow down the options, choose a few vendors that you are interested in speaking with. Pose a few more questions to your next tier of vendors, or invite them to your office to pitch their solution.

 We created a TEM RFP template for organizations seeking telecom managed services or telecom expense management solutions. Click to download our free TEM RFP template. Customize and complete it as you see fit. Add more or less details, depending on your needs. This document is just a starting point, you’ll want to consult your legal or procurement department before publishing.


When you’re ready to submit your RFP, send it our way! We’d love to throw our hat in the ring.

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