IT & Telecom Spending Forecast for 2015

Computerworld’s Annual Forecast and spending trends for 2015 have been released, and most of it has left us shaking our heads, yes – yes – yes! More mobile, more wireless, more things telecom!

As part of our upcoming webinar (Psst! It hasn’t ‘officially’ been announced yet, but you can register here), we’re busy thinking about telecom and wireless budget. No real surprises here – IT and telecom budgets are changing big time in 2015.

Has your budget changed? If so – but how much? Whether you have some big-ticket items on your list this year, or your budget has left little room for improvement, it’s interesting to see what is being predicted across the board. Here are some key budget projects as part of Computerworld’s Annual Forecast Study.

Quick Facts:

  • 43% of IT executives predict IT budgets will increase in 2015, with 45% saying they will stay the same and just 12% reporting they will decrease.  The average IT budget will increase by 4.3% in 2015.
  •  Enterprises are predicting they will increase their spending on security technologies by 46%, cloud computing by 42% with the greatest growth in enterprises with over 1,000 employees (52%), 38% in business analytics, 36% for storage solutions and 35% for wireless & mobile.
IT and Telecom Spending
IT and Telecom Spending 2015

These graphics were originally posted on the Forbe’s ‘Computerworld’s 2015 Forecast Predicts Security, Cloud Computing and Analytics Will Lead IT Spending” article, published November 26, 2014. The full Computerworld Annual Report can be found here.