Training for BYOD: 10 Good Tips

Will Kelly over at Tech Republic posted a good article called 10 Essential Elements of BYOD Training. The article covers training needed to introduce staff to a BYOD program.

Takeaway: Training is a critical part of any BYOD initiative, introducing users to security and policy guidelines and allowing IT and management to set expectations.

User training is integral to the success of any Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative. The training needs to educate users on your BYOD policies, device access, device security, and any other particulars for using personal devices inside your enterprise. Here are 10 key aspects of BYOD training.

1: Define what BYOD means for the organization

2: Cover the process of onboarding BYOD devices

3: Explain expense reimbursements and/or stipends

4: Define BYOD device security policies

5: Review data ownership policies

6: Define what MDM is (and what MDM isn’t)

7: Teach how to use mobile office suites on corporate documents

8: Define the responsibilities of BYOD device users

9: Teach how to access corporate resources from BYOD devices

10: Teach about technical support and escalation paths