Are there "Values" in Telecom? What are your values?

The traditional approach for some enterprise level companies has been to outsource Telecom Expense Management (TEM) to TEM providers. While companies search TEM expertise in Mobile Management and Telecom expense control, how much research do companies actually do to ensure that their potential partner has values that are aligned?

We believe that it is our obligation to share our expertise with clients in order to improve their financial and operational intelligence. Only by doing this can we help increase your financial and operational performance. This realization helped us create our Core Vision, which is something we are driven by every day and every step of the way: “Through a unique combination of ingenuity and enlightenment, we are transforming the TEM industry and creating a better-educated marketplace.” In addition, we are driven by our Core Values on a daily basis. Employees at Valicom are rewarded quarterly with recognition from peers for displaying actions falling within our Core Values. These are valued we feel contribute significantly to the continued success of our clients.

Our Corporate Values

Memorable Experiences: Visibility, Winning, Life-Changing, Meaningful, Fulfilling, Dreams
Enduring Connections: Co-creation, Leadership, Collaboration & Teamwork, Long Term Relationship, Mutual Respect, Community
Authenticity: Originality, Integrity, Thought Leaders, Ethical, Diversity, Distinctive
Inspiration: Can-Do, Free Spirited, Freedom, Enlighten, Visionary, Open-Minded
Innovation: Out-of-the-Box, Strategic, Creative, Ingenuity, Transformation, Leading Edge
Passion: Enthusiasm and Fun, Confidence, Compassion, Excellence, Sense of Urgency, Ambition, Empowerment, Ownership

If you live by your values and have alignment with partners, success will be inevitable! Obtaining telecom cost reduction through telecom cost management software are easily achievable when the right partner is selected. Valicom‘s clients continue to speak loudly by expressing their views via their quarterly Client Satisfaction surveys. Contact us today to begin your customized service and support!