How Telecom Expense Management Software Benefits Telecom Consultants

This post outlines out telecom expense management software, combined with business coaching and training, can increase profits and maximize efficiency for telecom consultants – whether they are already doing telecom auditing, or just want to start.  So read the article, then request a demo of Clearview to find out more.

How Telecom Expense Management Software Benefits Your Telecom Consulting Business

What’s the opportunity?

Being a telecom consultant, we don’t have to tell you that telecom complexity is exploding.  We’ve gone from pagers and landlines to smartphones and tablets in just a few years and the demands of modern business make managing, tracking and policing telecom costs harder than ever.

Add to that the fact that up to 35% of all telecom invoices have some kind of error on them –  Overcharges, unnecessary fees, items not billing to contract, missed credits and unused or dead assets.  In fact, in twenty years of doing telecom auditing, we’ve found that firms are wasting 15 to 40 percent of their annual telecom budget.  What that means is that your clients are losing money and they need help!

What your clients need is TEM – Telecom Expense Management. What YOU need is to provide it.   Don’t wait for them to pay someone else to do it!  And if you’re already doing it, do it better, faster and smarter!

How does TEM software help?

If you haven’t been living in a cave, you’ve heard of “The Cloud” and software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools.   Well, SaaS has come to Telecom Expense Management in the form of Clearview.  Clearview is a TEM software delivered via the web at aggressive price points, meaning more margins for you.  It can be used to make in-house auditing tasks easier and more efficient, showcasing your work better and maximizing savings for your clients.  It can also be white labeled and delivered to your customers to manage some TEM tasks themselves or to access detailed reports and user-defined, customizable dashboards.

What this means is that if you already offer telecom audits and are stuck using spreadsheets and other laborious manual processes, it’s time for an upgrade.   And if you aren’t offering telecom expense management  yet, now is the time to start.    For both, Clearview makes it easy to offer ongoing services, moving beyond one-time audits andallowing you to leverage existing relationships to grow your business, benefit your clients, and make more money.

How does it work?

Adding or expanding TEM services is easy by partnering with Valicom, a twenty-year veteran with an excellent track record of saving money on telecom.   Combining Clearview with our experienced telecom audit teams, we can offer two ways to add TEM to your toolkit.  We can offer Clearview via subscription to support your existing business model,  or offer Clearview while also providing training and support to help you learn to deliver more TEM services.  In addition, you may choose to outsource some of the work to us, like data loading or invoice payment, allowing you to offer more options.  Any way you do it, with margins of 80% or more you can’t afford to wait.

TEM Services Clearview supports you in offering can include:

  • One time and ongoing telecom audits
  • Telecom inventory management
  • End-to-end invoice processing and payment
  • Detailed GL coding of telecom costs
  • And advanced reporting &  dashboards via a web-based software tool

Produce more recurring revenue, increase your value as a trusted business advisor to existing clients and attract new ones through expanded services.   With TEM they not only gain better visibility and control over their telecom costs, they save money!  Make this the year that you take advantage of the growing need for telecom expense management to expand your portfolio and increase your business.