Mergers and Acquisitions: Be Proactive!

In telecommunications we know there are an endless stream of merger and acquisitions with vendors (a couple very recently). This can create a lot of potential headaches, but it’s also important to leverage these events as opportunities when looking for cost savings.

You’ll want to make sure you proactively reach out to the existing account team to understand how the new changes will affect your organization. There can often be account team changes, escalation changes, billing changes, or even SLA implications. Being on top of these areas can keep you from experiencing problems with outage response time, for example.

After a merger or acquisition, it can also be a good time to engage the vendor on potential contract re-negotiations. You may have more spend to leverage if you were currently utilizing both vendors involved, or there may be new pricing model available under a new vendor platform. It’s important to uncover those opportunities when they arise and continue your efforts to reduce telecom expenses.

And remember if you ever need any help with telecom contract negotiation or telecom RFPs, our experienced telecom audit teams can lend a hand.