What CFOs Want from IT and Telecom Managers

Great article today in Computerworld about What CFOs Want from IT.  See the synopsis list below, and read the full article here.

What strikes me is how much of this can apply directly to telecom cost control, which is our specialty.  Not that it doesn’t make sense.  I mean, that is what a CFO is for.  They’re like your Dad telling you that you only get your allowance if you spend it on the apple instead of the candy bar.  Or buying a book instead of a new video game.   The finance people are the gatekeepers for the budget.  And this is what they want from their IT and Telecom managers, help keeping the financial house in order.  And here’s how they want you to do it…

Say Goodbye to Bells and Whistles

In other words, if it isn’t a business-critical feature, but just a neato geek drool-inducing add on, you don’t get it anymore.  (Sound like a job for our Wireless Policy.  By standardizing cell features you can eliminate iPhone envy and ensure no one is buying a Ferrari when a Honda will do) 

Play With the Toys You Already Have

Do you really “need” that new thing, or do you just “want” it?   Verify we are utilizing the stuff we have to the fullest extent before you get any budget for new stuff.  (This would be a standard part of any good telecom expense management program – Optimization.  What do we have, how are we using it, how can we use it better….) 

Know What the Business Needs Now

Pay attention.  Be aware of short and long-term goals, and the financial situation you’re in so you can make good decisions.

Show Me an ROI That I Can Trust

Do your math and do it well.  Crunch the numbers and ensure that decisions you make don’t have unforeseen costs andconsequences.

Emphasize Short-term Benefits…

Look for projects that can return benefits in the short and medium term.  Help put money to the bottom line NOW.  (Can we say deep dive telecom audit anyone?  Great way to dig up savings fast by correcting errors, eliminating unused or underused equipment and ensuring things are billing to contract)

…But Don’t Abandon Long-term Investments

Don’t sacrifice the future for the now.  Make good decisions that will bear fruit down the road.