How to Discover Hidden Employee Costs

Cost allocation is a complex task within businesses. Businesses already have to account for direct materials or service costs, R&D costs, rent costs, and client costs. What other costs are there to account for? The expenses that firms subtract from revenues all depends on the company and what they’re doing, and who they’re serving.

One cost that every company must pay, no matter the industry, is telecommunication costs. It’s almost impossible for corporations to avoid using technology such as cell phones and tablets. Companies can increase their bottom line by having proper management of their telecommunication costs. The first step in successfully accomplishing this is to understand how much is being spent on each employee. You can achieve this is by attending our “Cost of People: How much are you spending?” webinar. During this webinar you will learn about the following…

Bill payment, cost allocation, auditing, carrier dispute resolution – all of these crucial tasks take time, expertise, and attention to detail. You would like to offload this work and streamline your operations but aren’t exactly sure how. You also want an expert on staff to make sure they know how the carriers work, what to look for when optimizing your environment, and how to resolve disputes in a timely and efficient manner. Can you find that one person that “does it all”? Outsourcing seems like it would be too expensive and a lot of work.

That’s where we step in. Valicom has developed this not-to-miss webinar to break down the benefits of having a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) company help you streamline your operations AND save you money at the same time! Let your staff focus on growing your business instead of the tedious data entry and analysis that TEM companies like Valicom specialize in.

Join us on December 1 at 1:00 PM as we discuss ways to fix these problems and help you reallocate your team’s resources to focus on strategic and core competencies. After this webinar, you will be able to take back control of your TEM environment and level the telecom playing field.

About the Author: Brittany Peckham