Saving Created by Waiting

Why Employees Need a New Smart Phone

Employees may feel the need to get a new phone every time a new Apple or Samsung phone comes to market. Or with Black Friday around the corner, members of your organization may be fielding requests for upgrades. Take a second to weigh other options before you approve a request to buy a new phone. As technology declines in the amount of changes made for each model, the goal companies should be striving for is to make each device in the hands of employees last longer.

Do My Employees Need a New Smart Phone?

Including, improved management features, enhanced code development, and other must-have advances. Now, phones are only seeing incremental changes. These changes may include a slightly better camera, longer battery life, and more water resistance. Do your research and determine if the phone makeover is of value.

Companies are discovering that there is an advantage in waiting longer to upgrade devices. Phones are expensive and if employees want to upgrade every time a new phone is released it will add up. Plus, if it’s the latest and greatest now, it won’t be for long.

When is it Appropriate to buy a New Device?

Phones can go well over a year without needing to be replaced. So, the most appropriate time to buy a new device would be between the 1.5 and 3-year mark. It should only be replaced when it is no longer working properly. But even when it seems to not be working properly, there a few steps you can take before buying a new mobile device.

Update it: Phones can be slow and have other problems if they don’t have the latest update. With iPhones, it’s simple to see if there is a new update waiting for the phone. You simply go to your “settings”, “general”, and then click on “software updates”. Other phones such as the Galaxy have similar options for checking for updates.

Fix it: If you have updated your phone and there still seems to be issues, then I would apply option two. Get it fixed. A lot of times, we buy a new phone thinking the old one is no good and it can easily be fixed for a small price.

Convincing employees to wait shouldn’t be a hard task. Simply tell them that they’ll want to wait for the next phone because it will be even better than the most recent one that was released. There’s no need to upgrade to the iPhone 7, 8, and 9. Chances are, the difference between the iPhone 7 and 9 will be very small. Save money and wait until the appropriate time to replace employee’s phones.

About the Author: Brittany Peckham