TEM for Healthcare Webinar: Register Today!

TEM for Healthcare – Register Today!

Just a few days remain until our next webinar, ‘TEM For Healthcare’. We’ll cover why healthcare organizations have the most to gain from proper telecom expense management. Join us June 10th at 1:00pm CST.

Doing more with less. It is the challenge every department faces year after year. Costs for care and requirements for compliance are routinely increasing. Among these rapidly growing costs, telecom costs within healthcare systems are expected to exceed $100 billion in the United States by 2017.

Within the IT department, teams are busy implementing new technology and maintaining legacy systems, all while controlling one of their biggest operating costs – telecom systems. During this webinar Valicom will cover simple changes to existing processes and suggest tools for effective telecom and wireless expense management.

“When it comes to healthcare, there is little room for error. For the IT department, this is what makes TEM practices so valuable,” noted Jeff Poirior, Valicom COO and president . “TEM has proven to assist IT teams to understand their telecom spend and reach the highest levels of optimization.”

Not registered yet? The webinar is totally free, and you’ll hear expert advice from the TEM experts at Valicom.