What is wireless pooling?

As a follow-up to our post on Wireless Optimization, we wanted to clarify the term “wireless pooling”.  In a nutshell, it means putting all your users on one plan with a certain number of allotted minutes, or Mb of data usage, and having them share it – rather than each one having an individual plan.

Now, as you might imagine, carriers aren’t a huge fan of this idea, since its purpose it to minimize overage charges for your big users by letting them tap data or minutes unused by others in the pool.   Good for you, bad for the carrier.

So, sounds great!  What’s the catch?   Well, its figuring out how deep to dig the pool.  If you overguess, you are paying for more than you need every month, which can get pricey.  If you go to shallow, you end up paying overcharges anyway, and that’s a mess too.

Valicom offers a Wireless Optimization service that can include pooling.  We utilize Clearview, our wireless expense management software, to help figure out the best way to save you money.   To learn more, request a short demo and discussion today.