Strong Response to Strong Tactics White Paper

I’ve been really pleased and surprised at the massive response, and positive feedback, to our latest white paper – “7 Strong Tactics to Control Telecom & Wireless Costs”. The need for best practices in telecom and wireless expense management is certainly there and we’re happy to offer our expertise to CFOs and Telecom Managers.

If you haven’t yet downloaded the paper, visit “7 Strong Tactics to Control Telecom & Wireless Costs”.

If you have, then the next steps would be to determine where your company fits in the range of telecom expense management solutions we offer.  As we remarked in a recent post on TEM options, telecom management best practices can come in one of three flavors.  Contact us for more details on any of these, or to setup a short discussion so we can recommend something for you.

Clearview Subscription

This grants you access to Clearview, so you can utilize the software to help you track your inventory, invoices, contracts and anything you change in your environment, so you always know what is going on.   Designed specifically for telecom and wireless management, is a great tool for any CFO, IT or Telecom manageror consultant looking for a better way to do your job.


Outsourced Telecom Lifecycle Management

This is the traditional BPO (business process outsourcing) model of TEM.  Here you contract with a third party firm like Valicom to build your inventory, audit your invoices, pay your bills, keep track of all your changes, and negotiate with your telecom carriers when your contracts come due.


Hybrid Clearview + Outsourced Solution

This option allows you to deploy Clearview , and do some things in house, while outsourcing things you don’t want to, or don’t have the capacity or capability, to do.  With an a la carte suite of TEM services to pick from, you can customize a package to fit your particular telecom environment, allowing for changes as your needs evolve.

So if you’re ready to leverage best practices and strong tactics to bring your telecom and wireless costs under control, contact us or call 608.227.0619 and we’ll help you determine what option works best for YOU!