Survey Says: Business Productivity and Cost Reduction Top Concern for CIOs

Think the Great Recession is over? Not for CIOs. For the second year running, business productivity and cost reduction was the No. 1 concern of CIOs, CTOs and IT executives in the annual CIO survey from the Society for Information Management — and by a wide margin, according to Jerry Luftman, who has conducted the survey for SIM for the past 10 years.

This year’s CIO survey states the following top concerns for IT professionals….

  1. Business productivity and cost reduction
  2. Business agility and speed to market
  3. IT and business alignment
  4. IT reliability and efficiency
  5. Business process re-engineering
  6. IT strategic planning
  7. Revenue generating IT innovations
  8. IT cost reduction
  9. Security and privacy
  10. Globalization

This list reveals what most IT and CFO professionals already know.  Cost cutting is paramount to maintaining your business in this economic environment.  Preferably cutting expenses and NOT staff, since many firms are already tight in that department.  

And as telecom usually falls under the sphere of IT, managed by a CIO or CTO, the findings point to a growing need for telecom cost reduction and expense management.  Valicom’s telecom audit services and telecom expense and inventory tracking software Clearview can help increase business productivity AND cut IT and telecom costs.  Putting that 10, 20 or 30% savings to the bottom line can counteract unpleasant measures in other areas.  Save money and use it for something else.