The Internet and Smartphones combine to produce the perfect storm of distractions

As if the Internet, with all of its information, or non-information, and tools, widgets, etc wasn’t enough of a distraction… not to be outdone, the telecommunications industry (and more specifically, wireless telecommunications) has developed smart phones that come with full featured browsers and we can all now carry the full distractablity of the Internet in our pockets.

There was a time, not long ago, when you didn’t have to be interrupted in a restaurant by your date updated her Facebook status, or responding to a Twitter post.  Not anymore though…

While this surplus of distractions is irritating on a personal level – it can also be intimidating to businesses too.  Performing optimizations and telecom expense management activities was hard enough, especially for businesses with corporate responsible wireless policies.

In the telecom expense management world, we often find ourselves helping our clients understand and police the behaviors of their users.  Sometimes, it can be as simple as trying to determine the right type of device for a particular position.  Either way, the telecommunications devices available today change so frequently and have so many features, that it’s no surprise to us that our clients’ lean on us for advice as frequently as they do.

One fast way to help control wireless expenses and manage all your wireless devices better is to implement a Wireless Policy.  This helps police the types of devices and phones people can use, the data plans available, and encourages standardization.  If you want to try it out, download our wireless policy template for free.

Otherwise, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the constantly changing and distracting world of wireless gadgetry, consider calling Valicom, and having someone who does this stuff for a living stand with you in your corner and give you a fighting chance.