The Bountiful Benefits of A Telecom Audit

Do you really need a telecom audit?

When it comes to telecom audits – we have seen a major shift within the last year. It seems more and more businesses are attempting to wrap their arms around their telecom inventories and spend. All companies from small individual ownerships to large corporation are looking for areas to cut costs in every aspect of business. Telecommunications can be a large but absolutely necessary expense. Without your telecom infrastructure, you would not be able to properly run your business.  The benefits of telecom audits will aid your company in cutting expenses.

Let’s Start Here

There are two distinct types of telecom audits. The first is a cursory / one-time audit. This is a one-time peak into a telecom environment, where a TEM firm or consultant comes in for a short period of time to make recommendations for lines to be disconnected and requests credits on their client’s behalf. The second type of audit is the comprehensive / on-going audit. This type of audit is Valicom’s wheelhouse. We always recommend the on-going audit, as it gives our clients longer term control of their spend and overall ROI.

Benefits of Telecom Audit

For companies, finding the smallest aspects to keep your business running in a more efficient manner should be utilized. The benefits of using a telecom auditing system will help with efficient and finding savings.

Advanced and customized reporting within Clearview , our telecom auditing software, aids in the monitoring of monthly expenses. The software can help in determining if other telecom options are better suited for your business. You may be able to bundle your entire telecom system with another service provider. The third party telecom management specialist will have access to a variety of different vendors to help in utilizing this type of option. When a company focuses on efficient telecom network utilization, the business will run more smoothly.

Telecom auditing can find any problem areas in your telecom infrastructure. Underutilized equipment or deadlines are a wasted expense. When you know about problem areas, you will be able to fix or eliminate the equipment from your business.

The telecom auditing software will aid in identifying any areas of wireless overspend throughout your entire company. If your company is currently paying out extra expenses for mishandling of communication equipment, you will be able to better identify the billing errors or other unauthorized charges.

The use of a telecom auditing system can provide you with summary or itemized and detailed(or anywhere in between) reports for any department. Having the data right at your fingertips can give you an accurate over view of your system and employees performances for a particular day and time. The information can aid in the discovery of expensive call times or higher roaming rates on wireless devices. By acquiring more data on your telecommunications network, you can make the necessary changes to cut expenses. Lowering costs will result in higher profits for your business. It’s a win-win!