New White Paper – TEM for Healthcare: The Cure for IT Budgets

Forrester Research recently predicted that healthcare telecom costs will reach $100 billion dollars by 2017. That number has a lot of telecom and IT people worried. The big question lingering here is, what is your plan, how will you navigate these costs going forward?

There are a few critical decision points that indicate it is time to be more strategic with your telecom costs. In this whitepaper we will share some of those signs and help you determine what adjustments you can make now to set yourself up for success for the coming year.

From the white paper

TEM Services to Ease The Pain: Invoice Processing

The next service that will ease some serious telecom pain is invoice processing. The mid to large size healthcare organizations are receiving upwards of 400 telecom invoices annually, and yet only 70% of IT manager have an accurate inventory of their telecom environment. 

What this stat says to us is that healthcare organizations are simply overwhelmed with invoices, but they aren’t doing very much with the information; they are just paying the bills without review or further scrutiny. So much so, that they don’t even know what they are paying for anymore.

Being able to wrap your arms around what is being billed to your organization will give you peace of mind that you are being billed only what is absolutely necessary and actually being used. It will allow you to build a precise inventory, turn off what is not being used, and most importantly forecast costs more accurately for the coming year.

Find out all about the TEM pain points and symptoms, a few thoughts on easing the pain, and finding the right option for your unique telecom environment…