TEM for the Consumer Goods Industry

Why is telecom expense management so important in the Consumer Goods Industry?

In order to develop more innovative products, predict customer demands and improve customer loyalty, emerging cutting-edge technology is critical to the consumer goods industry.

In the increasingly consumer-centric marketplace, consumer products companies are learning how to leverage new mobile and online technologies to drive sales, provide better service to customers, and efficiently analyze big data. As their telecom environment continues to digitize and mobilize, controlling telecom spend becomes increasingly difficult.

Deploying a telecom expense management software enables consumer product companies to control all their wireless, wireline and WAN inventory paired with a preliminary audit to uncover savings opportunities.

According to Gartner, the worldwide IT spending forecast expects a continued growth in technology and telecom service spend. With increasing technology and services the complexity continues to grow.


Food & Beverage Industry

According to IT & Telecom Spend - 80 Industry Sectors (www.kewassociates.co.uk), “Food & beverage services companies typically spend over $520 per employee on IT & telecom staff, products and services.  Telecom services and staff take the largest share, each costing some $150 per employee.” It makes more sense now than ever to analyze the complex telecom and technology environment within your organization to capture invoicing errors, eliminate late fees, cut wasted resources and thoroughly save on services.


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