Wireline Expense Management


What is Wireline Expense Management?

“Wireline” simply means “not wire-less”. In other words, a regular telephone. Even in this day of wireless everything, we’d bet that every desk in your building still has a phone sitting on it. Imagine the potential cost savings of proactively managing that environment.


Wireline Expense Management Solutions

Gain visibility into your environment and save. Our Clearview expense management software can compile and maintain the complete and accurate information needed to control costs.

Solutions Include:

  • Wireline Telephone Cursory & Comprehensive Invoice Auditing
  • Benchmarking
  • Contract Compliance
  • Inventory Management
  • Wireline Invoice Processing
  • Network Optimization
  • Network Diagramming
  • Procurement and Order Fulfillment
  • RFP Management
  • Reporting / Standard Customized Reporting
  • Test Calling
  • Vendor Management
  • WAN Efficiency Studies

Take advantage of Valicom’s powerful telecom expense management software Clearview through our on-demand subscription service or partnered with other managed services.


Unlock Telecom Savings with Expense Management Software


We've unlocked savings in your telecom environment, and the results may surprise you. Small changes and considerations can have a big impact on your telecom spending and employee resources. How do you achieve this efficiency? It takes commitment to detail and awareness of your environment. In this white paper we'll outline the steps and suggestions for improving telecom processes.

Telecom Expense Management Case Study



The client approached Valicom in need of a large scale, comprehensive WAN audit and inventory overhaul. With a multi-million annual telecom spend, the client was having a hard time accounting for, and controlling their budget year over year.