What is TEM?


TEM stands for telecom and technology expense management


Telecom expense management (TEM) is a process you can do yourself, with a web-based software like Clearview, or you can partner with a firm like Valicom to do some or all of these TEM services for you.

TEM includes:

  • Building real-time IT inventory (software)

  • Gathering bills and identifying overcharges (audit)

  • Searching for contract violations (support)

  • Optimizing your telecom environment to save (support)

  • Negotiating with vendors to get a better deal (support)


*Not sure what these terms mean?
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TEM Services Glossary




Designed to teach you more about the history of telecom and technology expense management, where we are now, and the future outlook of the TEM services landscape.

With the ever-changing TEM landscape, what is an IT or Operations Manager to do? 



The Benefits of TEM


  • Identify significant savings on telecom

  • Eliminate fraud and unauthorized charges

  • Identify errors and recover funds through close inspection or audit of wireline and wireless services

Streamline Operations

  • Reallocate personnel to focus on strategic core competencies

  • Streamline order fulfillment, auditing, asset management, and payment processes

Reduce Risk

  • Assure corporate business policy and regulatory compliance

  • Increase accuracy in expense tracking and reporting




5 Questions to Ask for Better Telecom Expense Management

In Valicom's 26 years of telecom expense management, we've learned how much it pays to be aware, organized, and have the right tools in your arsenal.

It can be a little overwhelming to manage the many moving parts in your telecom budget. Asking these five questions will help you gain awareness and clarity into your telecom spend.



Who Needs TEM?

It Saves you money. Period.

To conduct business today, you need tools and you need technology including telephones, smartphones, tablets and laptops with cellular data plans, the list of IT expenses goes on and on.

Over time, the list not only gets longer as new technology hits the market, but the number of people within your organization who needs the technology goes up. All of that leads to complexity, and complexity leads to errors.

  • Forrester Research estimates that “billing errors average 5% to 12% of telecom services budgets

  • In 27 years of doing telecom audits, we’ve found that over 15% of invoices have some type of error


if you’re not watching for errors, you don’t see them.

In one client example, a healthcare facility had torn a building down. They later found they had been getting billed, and had been paying for, 50 landline telephones in a ghost building that was now a parking lot.

For twelve years.

Now that is a huge error, and you think you’d find it yourself – but guess what? With complexity also comes the manual workload required to gain control. Your telecom and IT asset management may include tens, hundreds or thousands of monthly invoices, circuits and devices. 


This points to a rising need for automated expense management processes, whether in-house or outsourced. According to Gartner, “at the heart of any TEM offering is an automated software platform used by the business or by an external service provider managing a company’s telecom invoices and assets.”

As stated by the AOTMP report The Value of TEM to SMB (small-to-mid-sized-business), “Those with a TEM program save 22% more than companies who do not.” 

Now is the time.
Let's save you money on telecom.
It’s what we do best.



How to Reduce Telecom Expenses

Your TEM service offerings range from “we do it for you”, to “we do it together”, to “you do it yourself.” This allows Valicom to offer flexible TEM options and pricing to match the needs of most businesses spending $250,000 a year or more on telecom.

Let's find a solution that works for you.

There are many ways to reduce your telecom spend, and the best way is to have the right tools and processes in place, including:


Cursory Audit

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you have (inventory)?

  • What do you spend (invoice review)?

Telecom and IT Asset Optimization

You'll access recommendations for your inventory, usage, and contract rates and assistance to optimize your IT asset management process.

Telecom Credits

If you’ve been overspending, your team of TEM experts at Valicom will help recoup credits applied to future billing. you will never let a credit slip out of your organization's pockets utilizing Clearview's invoice management software and bill payment services.

On-Going Support

You'll have continued expertise and the tools you need to manage your telecom and IT assets.