Web-Based TEM Software

Are you still using Excel spreadsheets to track and manage your organization's telecom and technology expenses? If so, you may be discovering how tedious and time-consuming the process is, especially considering how complex the expenses continue to become.

When you consider adding a software tool to your existing telecom expense reduction activities, make sure to include web-based options in your evaluation. 

Traditionally, organizations were required to purchase a licensed telecom expense management software solution that often had hardware implications as well. This meant that a decision to add TEM software has been harder to make and has required a significant investment and support undertaking to implement.

Technology Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA) reports initial hard-dollar savings can reach 15%, while cost avoidance against future spend can drive that number to 30%. Savings to prove a solid ROI come from:

IT TALENT: Savings resulting from skilled employees focusing on less mundane tasks.

EFFICIENCY: Streamlined workflows and automating the TEM process can save valuable time while keeping the inventory updated and reducing errors.

TELECOM: Savings result from cutting inactive lines and accounts, catching billing errors and reducing spend through RFP and contract negotiation.

Today you have the option of subscribing to a solution such as Clearview. Clearview is a web-based, hosted TEM software tool that you can easily add to your tool set without having to purchase additional hardware or invest in expensive software licensing.

This model enables small to medium sized companies, telecom auditors and IP solutions providers to realistically consider using a software tool to properly manage their telecommunications expenses. Check out Clearview today, and see how you can augment and improve on your expense reduction efforts tomorrow.

Clearview can be tailored to fit business needs and provisioned and scale as you grow. Clearview is designed to expand and offer new capabilities as needed which will help businesses gradually add new features into internal TEM processes. Organizations can use these functions to customize reports and dashboards for better visibility. Clearview users are given the entire tool from the outset, but each solution is tailored to only what you can handle. 

TEM doesn't have to be complex. With a TEM software like Clearview, you will be able to take advantage of a solution that's built off of provider experience and tailored to individual business needs. To find out more about Clearview, contact Valicom today.