Telecom and Technology
Inventory Management


At the core of telecom expense management is maintaining a detailed, up-to-date telecom and IT asset inventory. To accomplish IT asset management efficiently and effectively, we created Clearview- our telecom expense management software, designed with this specifically in mind.

Clearview is a customized database for your telecom and IT inventory of lines, circuits, wireless devices, and anything else, short of the kitchen sink.


IT Inventory Management

You Can’t Control
What You Don’t Measure


  • Organizing and updating telecom and wireless inventory data

  • Listing all devices, plans, circuits and lines you have

  • Tracking all telecom orders and changes

  • Interpreting and entering CSR data

  • Properly associating telecom inventory with locations, users, GL Codes, etc.


Valicom’s powerful TEM software Clearview can help manage your telecom and IT inventory either through our on-demand subscription service or as part of an outsourced telecom audit process.


The Smallest Details in Your IT Inventory
Can Have the Biggest Impact

Unused inventory Means extra expenses

Keeping track of inventory is crucial. An updated and detailed inventory of your company’s wireless assets is critical. This detailed list of your company’s wireless inventory will help to analyze the necessities of the company’s telecom infrastructure.

Knowing all the aspects of your inventory can help to improve your devices and work with your business's needs. Telecom inventory management can utilize the list of devices to keep track of plans, circuits and lines within the company’s communication network.


After building an accurate inventory, it can be further enhanced to properly work in different locations with minimal expense changes. If an employee travels for the company, knowing international rates and charges are critical and means fewer surprises at the end of the next billing cycle.

Analyzing the inventory data to work with the company’s needs can reduce telecom expenses by aligning the wireless features to different geographic points around the world.


For example, the sales and marketing team may need different wireless devices than the owner of the company. Technology can enhance communication; working with the right equipment for the job will save time and money. Cutting down to only the necessary expenses will have a big impact on a business’s overall operating expenses and ultimately, their bottom line.

From small individual businesses to large corporations with complex telecom environments, communication is a vital component for success. The costs of the telecom inventory can be a major expense. Keeping track of all the equipment and usage can help maintain a cost effective inventory.

Telecom and Technology Inventory Tracking

Why an Accurate Telecom and
Technology Inventory Matters

Telecom management software must have a robust tracking mechanism for changes as buildings open and close, personnel get hired or fired, and devices get retired and replaced. Otherwise, any telecom inventory management program you may have in place will get derailed quickly.

Telecom inventory isn’t static, but rather a fluid environment that is ever changing.

An effective telecom inventory and expense management software has various places that changes can be recorded, from ordering new handsets, to canceling lines or data plans. This ensures you have an accurate historical record for everything you own, allowing proper record-keeping and reporting. 

Whether you want an accurate telecom inventory right now, or a way to track changes over time, the data should be simple to enter, update, and query. Software doesn’t do you any good if it isn’t designed to make things easier….

Clearview TEM Software



  • Real-time visibility into asset and device allocation within the company.

  • Identify items by device type, owner, carrier and contract date.

  • Store voice, wireless and data inventory information online, securely in one place.

  • Track trends and compare department or location usage and expenses over time.


TEM for finance and accounts payable


  • Tie inventory to cost centers down to the detailed line level, to improve accountability.

  • Enable better forecasting and budgeting with accurate real-time inventory data.

  • Identify and eliminate no use assets or users, cutting those costs from the bottom line.

  • Access detailed reports on costs, trends, comparisons and renewal dates.

TEM Software for IT and Telecom Inventory Management


Telecom inventory management can be done by hand, in spreadsheets, or in a home-grown database or software program. But smart telecom managers gain more control by utilizing modern web-based TEM software tools.

More Accessibility

Storing voice, wireless and data information in the cloud means that users in different departments, even different countries, can collaborate together. Internal teams can also easily enlist outside professional service providers like Valicom to perform some tasks, with the results visible to all parties.

More Accuracy

With a real-time, online asset management tool it is easier to keep the environment updated long term. Gone are the days of building an inventory only to see it fall out of date almost immediately.

More Features

Software designed specifically to track voice, wireless and data environments offers access to specific tools and reports. Tracking device type, plan type, user and department, start and end dates, contract terms and open and closed issues become easy. Included reports and dashboards make it simple to stay informed.


In addition to using software to track inventory over time, some firms want help initially building and verifying their environment. Doing the discovery into how many devices, plans, circuits and lines are actually under contract, and in use, can be time consuming and require detailed knowledge that some internal staff may not have.

Using professional telecom auditors to order CSRs, verify circuits or POTS line, and identify unused devices can vastly speed up the process.