TEM for Utilities

Why is Telecom Expense Management so Important in the Utilities Industry?

As technology and mobile devices continue to evolve, utility businesses are managing mobile devices, fixed telecom and even employee-owned equipment due to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement. Telecom environments become more and more complex with the various devices, plans and services – but Valicom’s TEM software can organize and store this information to catch hidden costs, late fees, unused tools and much more, offering huge savings.


Valicom’s Success with the Utilities Industry

The Challenge

An energy management provider serving over one million customers throughout the Midwest with approximately 4,000 employees sought an expense management solution for their telecom environment of over 200 locations, 700 wireless devices and nearly $7 million in annual spend.


The Result

Valicom administered a Customer Service Record (CSR) analysis and a physical inventory audit, resulting in $145,000 of credits with vendors, and recurring annual savings of $400,000. The client now uses Valicom’s web-based TEM software, Clearview, for centralized invoice processing and bill pay. The client’s wireless environment is now closely managed through Valicom’s wireless optimization services and unused devices along with inactive contracts are continuously monitored and promptly deactivated. Total savings to date: $1,196,758.72.