TEM for Transportation and Logistics

Why is Telecom expense management so important in the Transportation and Logistics Industry?

Improving efficiency, integration, safety, accessibility and sustainability across transport infrastructures requires a strong telecom and technology environment. Controlling and managing telecom spend can be assisted with telecom expense management software or fully outsourced TEM solutions.

Technology expense management will streamline your technology estate including domestic and international billing, tracking and invoicing expenses which include:

  • Wireline services
  • Wireless services
  • WAN

Wireless Expense Management

Wireless device control is especially important in the transportation industry, requiring a strategic approach to wireless telecom expense management.

Capitalize your volume purchasing power across all providers and reduce overall telecommunications expense. Through billing audits and dispute resolution, a TEM provider can uncover hidden savings by eliminating erroneous charges and billing errors.

After an initial audit, the job is not yet complete. Continuing with bill pay services and invoice approval tools will continue to catch invoice errors and avoid late fees. Deploying a TEM software or fully outsourced TEM service can result in a savings of 15-30%.