TEM for Government

Why is telecom expense management so useful in Government Entities?

Governance, infrastructure, welfare, and industry management add complexity to the government environment; with technology, government entities can streamline operations and promote efficiency. The intricacy of the TEM environment includes an extensive network of smart phones, tablets, air cards, pagers, tablets, PDAs and other devices as technology continues to advance and become more geographically dispersed.

The Solution: Telecom Expense Management

Telecom expense management is here to promote visibility into your telecom and technology environment to simplify the management process. Controlling and managing telecom spend can be assisted with telecom expense management software or fully outsourced TEM solutions.

TEM for Local and Federal

Telecom expense management solutions can be deployed at any level, from local governments to large federal entities. As government employee responsibilities continue to stretch, the ability to outsource these technical services couldn’t be more useful.

Demand for Wireless Management

Wireless Management & Contract Compliance Services enables entities to easily procure a tailored solution for wireless telecom contract auditing, compliance and cost recovery services. 

Saving Time for Other Projects

Managing thousands of telecom devices is what our TEM software does best. Valicom’s TEM software and services can deliver realized savings to Public and Private sectors. Our extensive experience provides the insight required to craft a tailored solution specifically for your organization’s needs to take the hassle out of managing your wireless telecom assets and expenses.


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