TEM for Healthcare

Why is Telecom Expense Management so Important in the Healthcare Industry?

Healthcare providers are avid consumers of telecommunications services and new technology. In the healthcare industry, telecom spend continues to increase by 10% annually and is one of the most complex telecom inventories to manage. 

According to Telecompetitor.com, the compound effect of an aging population and advancements in clinical treatment technologies will require new healthcare delivery systems that bring together diagnostic data, provide immediate clinical recommendations, and build a repository of healthcare information that will advance future treatments. Fiber optics, wireless access, and digital transmission will transform healthcare networks while extending care to remote patients via telemedicine applications. This industry is methodically moving towards a new generation of networking technology and electronic patient information.” 

The combination of increased demand for wireless and broadband access, massive data storage demands, and the conversion to electronic health records (EHRs) and procedures is straining existing healthcare networks which makes outsourced TEM services a priority.


With TEM, costs can be allocated fairly and accurately. Costs can be granulized up to 1% of the total invoice, and can be assigned to individual employees, departments, and locations. No longer are there questions about which branch hospital or who is responsible for costs.


The bigger the system, the more room there is for error. And when it comes to healthcare – mitigating risks and potential for error is a top priority. A healthy telecom environment is actively monitored for unused assets, overages, as well as slamming / cramming from the carrier. To reach this level of accuracy and optimization, invoices and inventories must be reviewed and managed each month.


When you engage a telecom expert like Valicom – the team makes recommendations for the most efficient processes, and creates consistency across your environment and locations. It’s a task that can be complicated to execute from the inside with many parties invested in their own priorities and focuses. 

Healthcare is one of the leading verticals in terms of adopters of telecom expense management practices, and for good reason. There are significant benefits for complex and large healthcare organizations. Let us show you what there is to gain from TEM in healthcare. For more information or to schedule a risk-free consultation with one of our specialists, click the button below and someone will be in touch with you shortly.


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